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To improve the lives of young girls and teenage mother's in the local community through Education, health , economic empowerment and social amenities
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Sponsor Education

By Sponsoring Education for Children in Poverty, you can offer them a way out of the neglect, abuse, and exploitation they face when left alone on the streets. It gives them a chance to escape their unfortunate living conditions by equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to build a life that is full of promise and potential.

Food & Healthcare

Access to food and healthcare are the fundamentals every child should have, but there are a number of children in society who are being deprived of these essentials of life. You can help such children by sponsoring their food supplies like groceries and eatables.

Donate & Change Lives

Many Children born into poverty, ignorance and malnutrition have fewer chances to finish their Education Levels. If we add up to their emotional load, abuse and abandon, their chances to finish school without a personalized attention are very low.

Our Story

We’re looking for kind sponsors who embrace our vision to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry, no child without access to quality education and basic needs throughout their lives. (You can choose to either fully or partially sponsor any of the following orphans and vulnerable children. They are kindly seek for sponsorship regarding their education, feeding and medication, plus all other basic needs)
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Who We Are?

Teddy girls Child Foundation is Non Profit organization

dedicated to make a positive impact in the lives of Vulnerable girls and young teenage mother's in Uganda. It's a group of dynamic ,young & very experienced Team deeply committed to their causes. Teddy girls Child Foundation aims at Improving the lives of young girls and teenage mother's in the local community through Education, health , economic empowerment and social amenities.

Our Vision

Our focus is looking at girls who were affected by closure of schools due to COVID-19. Upgrade them to a standard through empowering in skills.

Our Commitment

We recognize that values cannot be legislated , they must be lived. We commit to upgrade these core values individually as a corporate entity within Uganda we will honor the girls in our decision, express then in our relationship and act consistently with them in every place of Uganda.

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You can Create a Turning Point

You Can Change life and break the vicious circle of poverty for the Children in Uganda.
These children will be able to follow their dreams.
This will inspire a lot of other vulnerable children and strengthen their communities socially and economically.